OZO Watch by Anton Repponen

OZO Watch features a unique, minimal, and simple design. It’s really easy to read the time with this wristwatch, as you can see the time is displayed in the middle of the dial in a classic hourglass icon. The hours are displayed at the top and the minutes at the bottom. Those 2 dials rotate to present the time. In “night mode”, you still can read the time as the hourglass is illuminated with red light, along with the digits that show the current time. The main idea was to present time right in the middle of the watch in a new way. I must say, it is a fun new way.

Designer : Anton Repponen

OZO Watch Design

OZO Watch Design

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ADD says: December 4, 2010

Good concept ..beautiful & minimalist..

dwadwa says: December 5, 2010

Beautiful, inspired!

Anthony Puleo says: January 18, 2012

Great design. The hour glass is getting a little over played but I must admit it looks fantastic here. Keep it up!

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