Osim Curve Health And Fitness Concept Makes Exercising Efficient Yet Playful Event

Osim Curve is an innovative health and fitness product concept that can be an ideal solution for those who want to become fit, but are unwilling to bear the hassle of tough exercises. This product can be introduced to a health-conscious yet reluctant-to-exercise person as a fun toy, as an exciting sea surfing board with the mission to catch as much fishes (the projected numbers) as they can within a preset timing. The mini light projectors have been fitted on the below surface of the board and the rider should touch the projected numbers while maintaining the balance, making exercising a playful event. Even more, it features a multiplayer mode through which the person can go for a deadly tournament with his opponent, considering that the less scorer will have to jump from the board on deep sea which surely will give the exerciser some effective motivation.

Designer : Martin Spurway

osim curve health and fitness concept

osim curve health and fitness concept

osim curve health and fitness concept

osim curve health and fitness concept

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Bryan says: February 2, 2011

That looks good and stylish and on top of that it can help people become fit. Thanks for the review.

gabby says: March 27, 2011

what if i fall over?

MNJP says: April 23, 2011

I LOVE that! I want one so I can surf in my living room. Looks so modern!

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