Organic Workstation by Stevie Miles Brewu

The revolutionary concept of the Organic Workstation from the house of Miles of Design 07 – London is a wonderful solution for all computer centric beings. Designed by Stevie Miles Brewu, it’s the closest one can go to create a fully adjustable ergonomic, interactive work and play environment. The features include; adjustable positioning with respect to angle of seating, screen, keyboard and foot rest. The overall feel is highly ergonomic with a clutter free interactive environment. Thus, one’s productivity and comfort levels are greatly enhanced as this state of the art device provides a highly ergonomic and interactive environment. So go ahead and enjoy your work.

organic workstation

organic workstation

organic workstation

organic workstation

Designer : Stevie Miles Brewu

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jason says: December 16, 2008

Shameless little Apple plug. lol


Trigga says: December 17, 2008

Shameless or not, it's HOT.

Really hot. Chill.

bikubik says: December 20, 2008

Born to work, that's your definition of life !?

No coffee possible… no accessible bag… impossible to cross legs sometimes. Hard to get out… All in metal, strong to produce, heavy to move… etc.

Scorose says: December 22, 2008

Interesting.Why do i c an apple logo?

Anyways the design looks great.U got anactual model presently?

Elie Maalouf says: January 30, 2009

how can we order it and what is the price?

does it take any laptop, or it comes with a built in laptop?

Sandra says: April 24, 2009

Where can I find specifications of the weel workstation? where can I find it?

Erzsibet says: July 6, 2009

Love it. would prefer using a laptop and looks great for gaming maybe.

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