Oral Hygiene Monitor : Bite This !

Using this oral hygiene monitor, you can no longer lie to your dentist. This tool will give you detail information about your mouth, transmit it to your dentist from your house. Oral hygiene monitor unit comes with a small unit which you are to bite down on the plate and place it back on the unit. This information will help your dentist to decide what is best for your teeth and mouth.

oral hygiene monitor

future oral hygiene monitor

Designer: Sarah Tisdale via yankodesign

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IntoTheForge says: February 24, 2009

And when the State announces mandatory calisthenics for all civilians in the morning, this'll go along with it well!

Will says: November 7, 2012

Our family's dentist would have a field day with this gadget. If anything, the only problem I see is how to make sure patients bite on it regularly.

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