Off Front Door Handle Turns Your Home Electrical Circuits On/Off When You Leave

Off Front Door Handle is not just your ordinary handle. It’s been designed to enable you to turn off any electrical or gas supply in your apartment or home by simply pressing a single button. Off handle is pretty handy isn’t it? Well if not for you, then for me. Everytime I go out, I always forget to turn off any unused lights, it’s wasting electricity. In this handle, there are 3 settings offered: one setting for electricity or light, one setting for gas and one for all. You can set a single setting through its rotation dial.

When you return home, you can turn everything back on by turning Off Front Door Handle in the opposite direction. This smart handle encourages you to save more energy and prevents any accidental hazardous situations.

Designers : Rho Jinhyuk, Maria Rho, Kim Eunah

Off Front Door Handle

Off Front Door Handle

Off Front Door Handle

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Soy says: January 10, 2012

Great idea, but surely that means anyone can walk up to your front door and turn all your appliances etc back on? Perhaps the button should just be an 'off' switch and the 'on' switch should some how tie into the action of unlocking the door.

Tuvie says: January 10, 2012

Good Point Soy! Let's see if these designers can come up with upgraded version.

Vlad says: June 6, 2013

the way I see it is that the buttons are on the inside handle. So you push the button before actualy getting out from the house. Look at the 3 pictures, first settings, then button, then push the handle (to open the door and get out). I assume there are no buttons on the exterior handle.

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