OCE (One Common Energy) Electric Car Concept

This new car concept which was a participant at the Michellin challenge design 2009 is one that is modern in functions yet contemporary in design. The car runs on the new energy system known as OCE or One Common Energy wherein the complete system runs on the same type of smart battery. The system consists of a battery, CPU with customized interface for user communication and function which in itself can replace the need for the regular battery, engine and other control systems found in today’s cars. The car has been designed by Korean born Yongbang Ho.

oce electric car

oce electric car

oce electric car

(Click the image for bigger view)

oce electric car

Designer : Yongbang Ho

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Stephen russell says: March 21, 2009

This EV with the Fisker Hybrid, Id drive.

Love this shape.

Need to increase Range & or add engine for Hybrid mode.

BUT Id drive this & Tesla Roadster coupe.

Now were talking EV here.

Very Radical shape.

Hey GM produce this vs the dumb Volt.

Better looks anyway.

Bring this to the US.

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Sports Car



Mini Bus.

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