Nissan EPORO Robot Car Mimics The Behavioral Patterns of A School of Fish

The EPORO Robot Car is a concept robot vehicle that can travel alone or in a group in certain patterns and can avoid obstacles without making a collision with each other. Aside from showcasing information technology and cutting-edge electronics, Nissan, the manufacturer of this car, has demonstrated many functional features of this concept that will be helpful for all range of commuters. This concept car with anti-collision abilities can navigate intelligently and instinctively through challenging roads by detecting and avoiding barriers, while presenting a great display of running in groups like fish schooling. This robotic car evolution will help preventing global warming and decrease dependence on gas, which signifies a notable contribution to the society.

nissan eporo robot car

nissan eporo robot car

nissan eporo robot car

nissan eporo robot car

Designer : Nissan

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Ki says: November 1, 2009


deidre says: November 16, 2009

how much is the nissan robot car

jessica! says: March 17, 2010

yes how much are these cute little things! i want every single color!!!!!!!! yall should make neon colored. do you know how many people would buy them!?

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