Need is A Simple Concept Cell Phone

Today in any conventional cell phone instrument users can listen to music, use it as a camera (both video and still), see time, set reminders, use as a diary, use as a calendar, play games, check mails, phew! And yes you can use it as phone to make calls too! Well, “Need” is just that – a phone, no mp3 player no camera just phone plain and simple.

The phone has 2 screens of which one is touch screen while the other is OLED; though users can customize the OLED. The phone also has sliding scroll which can be moved up and down, with the phone being in lock mode if the scroll is on top and while scrolling down the screen, users can see the signal and battery strength, and when the scroll is below one can access the phonebook as well. Thus Need Cell Phone is surely a device for the purists.

need cell phone concept

need cell phone concept

need cell phone concept

need cell phone concept

need cell phone concept

Designer : Tamer Koseli

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  3. i want more about the each object or new designed technolgies bcoz u gave a small information plz get the more information abt each objects

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