MuteWatch : Time Management Tool With Silent Vibrating Alarm

Mutewatch is your new time management tool that features silent vibrating alarm and timer function. This product was born when Mai-Li Hammagreen didn’t want to wake her boyfriend every morning as he worked late nights as film photographer. She got in touch with a design engineering student, Oscar Ritzén Praglowski, together with Gustav Hammargren, they founded Mutewatch back in 2008. The original goal was to create a quiet alarm clock with philosophy of time management and respecting other people’s time.

In the process in developing this watch, Johan Thelander, a mechatronical engineering student, was brought into the team because of his passion of turning concepts into tangible products. Just for your information, a couple of year ago Johan transformed his bed into a giant alarm clock which sensitive to weight. Therefore, the bed wouldn’t stop beeping until he got out of bed. He’s the perfect person for this job.

Today, the team is excited to finally release the Mutewatch into the market.

Designers : Oscar Ritzén Praglowski, Gustav Hammargren, Johan Thelander

Mutewatch Bracelet

Mutewatch Bracelet

Mutewatch simplifies time management by wrapping around your wrist. It notifies you on your next task from its silent vibrating alarm so that you know it’s time to get going without having to look at your watch again. Mutewatch has been designed with a touch screen display, thus, resulting simple and intuitive operation. Tap the flat surface to light up the screen, swipe through to see the options of clock, alarm, and timer.

User can set the time for alarms by tapping directly in the digits. Tap on top of the digit for a higher number and on the bottom for a lower one. To erase the alarm, simply pinch the screen. This watch features a built-in motion sensor that registers your movement and automatically adjusts the strength of the vibrations. So, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether you’re sleeping or working, Mutewatch will keep you updated for your next ask.

Mutewatch Bracelet

Mutewatch Bracelet

Mutewatch Bracelet

Mutewatch Bracelet

Mutewatch Bracelet

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Maria says: July 4, 2015

It's worthwhile to use it!

Paulo Behar says: September 11, 2015

How to recharge it? USB? Batteries?

writeskatief says: January 27, 2016

it is usb-charged. anyone know where i can buy or order one??

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