Multimedia PC Car by KGNT

The new multimedia car PC by KGNT on the Windows XP platform is a combination of latest in wireless & PC technologies. Named as icom MK1, it has been introduced in the Korean Markets and the device consists of a 6.95 inch wide touch screen and also as an on board keyboard with a resolution of 800 x 400 (WVGA). It allows the users to access wireless internet service via wireless telecommunication service providers. The internet map in the system allows it to support navigation display thus the users are never out of touch. I strongly suggest that every car should have this gadget installed !

multimedia car pc

multimedia car pc

Designer : KNGT via Aving

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Robin Wilson says: January 16, 2010

Dear Sir

Kindly feedback Car PC spec detail and

how to order / collect from Singapore is

possibal or not.

thanks and appreciated


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