Motorola Nest by Kelly Bremer

Motorola Nest is a mobile phone design by Kelly Bremer that is unique and equipped with multiple features. It’s a phone through which you can stay in touch with your loved ones as it has a built in application which is specially designed for people who wants to stay in touch with their family members always. It acts like a virtual scrapbook for the user through which the user can always interact with the people in his network. The user first of all has to create a group of people. Then he/she can use this phone by adding these people in the Motorola nest network.

motorola nest

motorola nest

Designer : Kelly Bremer

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manikannth says: July 19, 2010

give me a price

hhh says: January 17, 2011


Sam says: August 31, 2014

Interesting idea, what does Motorola think about it. Since scrap booking is so popular, they might just love this new smart phone idea. Motorola needs some new ideas and this could be perfect. The Motorola Nest is a smart phone that could catch on.

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