Mooon Concept Phone with Bluetooth Headset Attached

Mooon concept phone has a sleek design, big and beautiful touchscreen, and of course a camera. Just like any other mobile phone available on the market, right? What’s special about Mooon is that at the bottom of this phone, you’ll find a bluetooth headset, detachable when you need it. Very smart !

mooon concept phone

mooon concept phone with bluetooth earphone

mooon unique concept phone

mooon smart concept phone

mooon concept phone from sunman kwon

Designer : Sunman Kwon

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mariah says: August 17, 2008

ive been trying to find out

but where do i get one!?

Rafael Angelo says: April 14, 2010

I am insteresting in Wireless Phone with Bluetooth Headset Attached.

    Haoyan says: May 20, 2010

    this is a bright idea just what i am thinking to make the gadgets more convienient. i am looking for the patents related to this.

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