Modern Happy Chaise Lounge for A Couple to Relax

The new lounge furniture design by Dima Loginoff can be termed as modern and practical as it is designed for a couple to relax and unwind. It can be said to be a take on classic love seat with space being provided to give each partner to be together while maintaining their own privacy as well. Even though each alcove is designed to seat one person but if the partners want to cuddle in the same seat, there will still be good enough room to accommodate. Made with plastic and chrome plated steel but is sturdy enough to carry the load individually as well as together.

happy chaise lounge

happy chaise lounge

happy chaise lounge

happy chaise lounge

happy chaise lounge

Designer : Dima Loginoff via HomeDosh

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stephen russell says: March 15, 2009

Great for hotels, resorts, B&B Inns with swimming pools, Au Natural clubs-AANR,

Homes, Pvt clubs, Yacht clubs, YMCA,

Cruise ships, Yachts, Cabanas, Beachside,

Water Parks-rest areas in parkspace,

Theme parks.

Jennelle says: May 14, 2009

I came across your chaise lounges looking for zen style living room furniture.. this would be AWESOME! How much? Where are you? I am in Denver, CO, USA. Please contact me, thank you.

Have a great day, J

rodofg says: May 1, 2011

my uncle have one of these there are very confortable
buy it in colombia

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