METUS Project Gives The Freedom Of Choosing Short Or Long Distance Commuting Mode With Different Functionalities

It would be great if your vehicle could change itself to adopt the surrounding driving environment, isn’t it? I mean, when you are driving in a busy city road, you are driving a TATA NANO, and when you are driving long-distance, your car is as functional as a CRV. To meet up this vision, METUS project has been designed with two different driving modes. The first one is the long-distance intercity driving mode, where the car features maximum 4 meters of front luggage capacity that ensures better driving control and enhanced storage ability. The second one is local mode, shortened by 1 meter in length, making it easier to drive among busy city traffic and eliminate parking problems. Aside from great functionality, the overall visibility of the car is unique enough to become an ideal futuristic transportation for both short and long distance commuting.

Designer : Ali Çam

metus project

metus project

metus project

metus project

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Stephen Russell says: May 26, 2010

Love to see Developed.How Radical.

PR via SyFy channel alone.


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