Meet Air Poo, Your iPod and Macbook Air Companion

I know that people are crazy about Apple’s products, especially iPod and the recent buzz Macbook Air, but I would never have thought of creating a toilet ready for iPod and Macbook Air. This guys from LOLZ LLC decided that people should still enjoy the ultimate experience of iPod and Macbook Air even when they are in the bathroom, that’s why they launched Air Poo. Multitouch flusher, heated seat for your comfort, iPod and Macbook Air dock. If you are Apple’s product maniac, get ready to get Air Poo this summer 2008.

air poo

ipod toilet air poo

concept air poo

air poo design for ipod


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wow.. says: May 28, 2008


who'd honestly si on the toilet for longer than it takes them to "finish" just to listen to a song?!

tat says: August 29, 2008

this is a real joke! does listening to music kills the "smell" of ur poo? think!! think!! think!! FAIL!!

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