Manta Amphibious Electric Vehicle by David Cardoso Loureiro

If you live close to a lake or a beach, this vehicle is perfect for you. Manta is a single person amphibious electric vehicle that offers you great speed on land and water. You can turn this 3 wheeler vehicle into a boat for a quick ride. The wheels have been designed as blades and can be turned 90 degrees propel the vehicle while on water. The electric engines are installed individually at the rear wheels. Manta offers a great driving sensation both on land and water.

Designer : David Cardoso Loureiro

Manta Amphibious Vehicle

Manta Amphibious Vehicle

Manta Amphibious Vehicle

Manta Amphibious Vehicle

Manta Amphibious Vehicle

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Didier Mandart says: February 28, 2011

Excellent design !

stephen russell says: March 1, 2011

Need a 4 place model 2.
This Id own & rent, Love it,
Test in Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, Med Sea

#1 tuvie fan says: March 9, 2011

Great design! Love to have one. I had an idea like that, about the wheels being propellers.

DeathTheKid says: March 17, 2011

this is my car dntz hate bhoo bhooo

Pedro says: March 19, 2011

Portuguese Design!

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