Madinat Al Hareer : City of Silk

Do you wish to lead your life in best location of the world with environmental, commercial, cultural, leisure and civic aspirations? If yes, then Madinat Al Hareer also known as the City of Silk can make your dreams come true. The city is planned to provide accommodation to more than 700,000 people and can come up with 430,000 new jobs. It will be connected to Kuwait City by a New Bay Bridge and joining with new Arabian Bay Port. This city will endow with everything together with business, culture, leisure, National Park and Wildlife Reserve. This place is going to be an emerald necklace of lakes and parks like ribbons of silk, interweave and intertwine.

madinat al hareer city of silk

madinat al hareer city of silk

madinat al hareer city of silk

Designer : CivicArts

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karlina says: August 1, 2008

wow..what a light city..

great design

Rick says: January 12, 2009

Because it's so near Kuwait I would feel very unsafe. But the design is great.

IntoTheForge says: February 24, 2009

Oil money = blood money. It'll be nice to see the Middle East as a centre of world trade for something besides oil again though.

Rick says: March 3, 2009

The term blood money has nothing in common with oil money. There seems to be a very flagrant misconception about the oil industry. They don't actually live to screw us. We should wise up and make use of what we have so we can build a bridge to alternatives. Otherwise, don't expect to be driving an air car in 20 years. Our economy won't survive if we don't wise up soon. We have to stop listening to this environmentalist extremist idiots. They don't seek to help us, but rather push us back a thousand years.

Cason Snow says: July 31, 2009

The design kind of reminds me of how Atlantis is supposed to look like.

hanooda says: August 13, 2010

that's so soo cool and i love kuwait very very much … free kuwait :D

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