MAC Motorcycles with 5-Speed ‘Blast’ Engine

Mac Motorcycles are the latest motorcycle design range consisting 4 bikes crafted by two British design studio Ellis Pitt and Xenephya Design. This development is an outcome of over 9 months of diligent effort of the design team. All the models comprise the same engine and feature 500 cubes of working volume. These concept designs are described by Ellis Pitt as an outcome of confusion between Italian motorcycle Chopper and some others. These concept models have been named as Spud, Peashooter, Ruby and Poarer and several hundreds of these are waiting to be launched as per the developers and further developments will take place on demand.

mac motorcycle

mac motorcycle

mac motorcycle

mac motorcycle

Designer : Mac Motorcycles

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guillain says: December 3, 2009

I buy it now !

anop says: October 12, 2011

i need it

profisale says: September 17, 2012

I really like it, but it is too expensive for me!

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