Luxury iPad Gresso Combines Latest Apple Technologies and Unique Design of Gresso

Gresso has always been very much creative in designing products that have design edge over anyone. Having following the same creativity in design, Gresso has come up with new IPad version that is framed in African Blackwood along with nice Apple logo in 18K Gold. The Africa Blackwood has been known as the world’s most valuable tree. So, yes, you can be sure the price would match the luxurious and uniqueness you’re getting your hands on. Gorgeous elegant style IPad Gresso is the perfect complement to your personality.

Designer : Gresso

Gresso iPad

Gresso iPad

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Raccoon says: January 18, 2011

what about if it gets damaged or broken what are the safety features of the product?
I think that it would be easy to carry but will the weight of it be difficult for the user as it's africa blackwood?
Lovely design, I would love one of them but I think that there would be too much material spent on it than it should, I don't think eco-friendly users would like this as you use the world's most valuable tree as your selling point.
I love it but it also has many disadvantages like all designs but well done for all your hard work.

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