LTM9000, LG Microwave with A Toaster

My oh my, two home appliances in one. LG Microwave LTM9000 is an attractive and compact microwave which combines two appliances into one. Do you think they will success with this product? If you haven’t noticed, it’s been here for 2 years. Among its many features, this unit boasts a toaster that’s perfect for your bagels and 9 toasting levels to suit all of your needs.

lg microwave toaster

lg microwave toaster


One thought on “LTM9000, LG Microwave with A Toaster

  1. I have a problem with this micrwave. The microwave(Toaster) was working fine. Power was down for an hour. I unplugged every appliences at my home. Unluckily, I forgot to unplug the microwave one. When I needed the toaster, I found it was not working. But, other is still working fine. On the toaster side I hear only fan is working. Do have any suggestion for this condition, please? Could write me at



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