LIV Watch Concept Was Inspired by Energetic, Young and Active Lifestyle

LIV watch project actually has been designed to answer LIV Challenge to create stylish original watch design. The inspiration came from energetic, young and active lifestyle of our generations, the watch has to be highly functional yet boasts simplicity in its design. Although the competition has clearly stated the watch design submitted should be a classic chrono instead of digital display, it didn’t stop Alp Germaner, an industrial designer, to finish this stylish wrist watch because he liked what he started. He said that he would do another watch design for the contest. Well, we don’t want this cool watch to go to waste, so we share it with you here at Tuvie.

Designer : Alp Germaner

LIV Watch Concept by Alp Germaner

LIV Watch Concept by Alp Germaner

LIV Watch Concept by Alp Germaner

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stephen russell says: July 3, 2012

How much & when in the US?
Must sell on cruise lines.

sumeet sharma says: July 5, 2012

Send me also one I will pay through transfer.

fran says: November 3, 2013

Hi!, How mouch to be now?

Fran says: November 3, 2013

Where I to buy this and another models?

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