Lighting Map by Owen Song

Light is a concept device combining a map-printed paper and a cover of the same that provides essential guidelines during various disorders. Between the two papers, a paper-like battery and a series of LEDs that turns on when the two electrodes on the cover page’s backside are exposed. Therefore, when the user scrolls the device and put together the electrodes, the LEDs turns on and the entire paper-roll becomes a flashlight. Thus, ‘Light’ is a tool through which people can navigate a map in the darkness as well as use the scroll as a flashlight when the need arises.

lighting map

lighting map

lighting map

Designer : Owen Song

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rei says: June 6, 2009

no design what so ever. boring

P says: July 18, 2009

Well, what happens when you want to read the map in the dark?

matthew smith says: August 20, 2009

hi my name is Matthew smith i am currently making a documentary about up coming new tech that will be coming out soon i was wondering if we may come and film you and ask some questions about the product can you please email me at

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