Lighting GT : First UK’s Electric Sportscar for 2008

Finally, lighting car company has released the first UK’s electric sportscar, the Ligtning GT. The focus point of this sportscar is not the top speed, but rather its electric power that will deliver 700+ HP from its wheel-mounted electric motors charged by just your home electric plugs. There is no price tag yet, hopefully we can see this car in a realistic version instead of just rendering. With virtually no polluting emissions, this energy-efficient car uses clean technology and will have the ultimate green rating.

lighting gt uk electric sportscar

electric car lighting gt uk sportscar

lighting gt uk sportscar

Designer : Lighting GT via Jalopnik

5 thoughts on “Lighting GT : First UK’s Electric Sportscar for 2008

  1. Is it just me or does the Super GT in Grand Theft Auto look like it might have been modeled after this car?

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