Light Gap Energy Efficient Clock

This energy efficient clock uses light and a single gap on its surface to tell you the time. That’s why it’s called “Light Gap”. Light Gap is a simple clock that has nothing but a gap on its surface. You need to place it near glass window in order for this clock to draw solar energy from the sun. This energy powers its rotation. During the day, you can tell the time from the sunlight filtered through the gap. At night, this clock’s gap will illuminate the hour hand with its LED lights powered by the energy stored during the day. This clock has been designed to be able to sense the strength of the light in its environment; therefore, the LEDs will illuminate gradually to make sure you can always see the light which tells the time.

Designer : Prof. Yong Fangtian, Wei Chengyuan, Qin Duyin, Jia Pengxiang, Zhang Fan, Shan Huabiao, Zhang Yu, Zheng Chen, Wang Guanyun, and Yao Lifu

Light Gap

Light Gap

Light Gap

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