LifeLink Modular Shelter for Various Disaster Situations

Community values are the main inspiration of the LifeLINK Modular Shelter. Each of them is prepared of 1000 denier nylon walls with self skinning foam. During manufacturing, the shelters are vacuum packed. So when the parcel is ripped open, it inflates itself slowly. Then multiple units are zipped together through side flaps in order to form bigger units and a Velcro and a plastic sheet covers it. By doing this, it generates a central “sunroom” and people of the smaller units can access it. Ease of use merged with visual form and functionality has made these LifeLINK Modular Shelter an ideal selection in various disaster situations.

life link modular shelter

life link modular shelter

life link modular shelter

Designer : Jordan Cleland

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stephen russell says: March 21, 2009

Test this in Iraq, Afganistan, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, FL, LA, NY, MA

(hurricanes, tornado states alone, tsunamis).

Test by Army MASH units,

Project CARE?

Test for civilian market for camping Rec Fun

IE Boy Scouts BSA Troops nationwide aside Diaster Aid Groups.

Nice shapes

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