Life Passageway Protects Small Animals When Crossing Over an Expressway

Every year, there are a lot animals killed by vehicles on the road simply because they want to cross the street. “Life Passageway” has been designed as a tunnel for these animals to crossover safely. It’s a little triangular tunnel laid under expressways dedicated for small animals who want to cross the road safely without having to worry about being hit by vehicles. These accidents can destroy ecological environment and interrupt the migration process of local animals.

The design of “Life Passageway” provides not only safe traveling for small animals but also improve the safety of driving on the expressways. The triangle form design was meant to build solid structure, it’s a modular structure that can be constructed to fit different road width.

Designer : Ziran Zhao

Life Passageway by Ziran Zhao

Life Passageway by Ziran Zhao

Life Passageway by Ziran Zhao

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sidy says: April 10, 2012

I lov ethe concept, but how do you lead teh animals to it?

surya says: April 10, 2012

hw can animals knw dis way..?

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