LCD Monitor Mobius 971P by Samsung

Samsung won IDEA Winners 2007 with LCD Monitor that has triple-hinge design. The monitor has three-dimensional, puzzle-like form, give a new meaning of optimal ergonomic. If you think this lcd monitor was created simply to look interesting, then you’re wrong ! The design began with the intent to offer versatile adjustment capabilities and features to make computing more comfortable and effortless.

samsung mobius 971p

lcd monitor 971p

?Not only practical and functional, but a dramatic, dynamic form: a complete departure from the usual symmetrical, seen-a-hundred-times monitor base. Provides a welcome and original freshness on the desk, changing its aspect from every new angle. A pleasure every time you see it.? – Richard Sapper, Consultant

lcd monitor mobius 971p

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nicole says: August 15, 2012

how can i go about ordering 20 of these?

samsung says: June 9, 2014

good brand

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