Landscape Bathtub Can Transform Its Shape to Meet Your Needs

The Landscape Bathtub concept was envisioned to meet problem of limited resources of energy and space in near future. This project is designed to transform its shape to meet the requirements for different scenarios. For example, the landscape will be a shower deck during the fast morning, which will transform into a long relaxing bathtub during evening. The landscape is made of transformable thick silicon/rubber including an air pumping mechanism inside. Moreover, the concept offers vibro-massage feature based on turbulent pumping arrangement inside the rubber skin and an option to resize the bathing area as per the particular user’s need in order to optimize the usage of space and water.

landscape bathtub

landscape bathtub

landscape bathtub

Designer : Yaroslav Rassadin

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stephen russell says: November 3, 2009

Nice, great for resorts, hotels & spas use alone & pvt homes


Make big to house 8-10 for group shower/bath?


Chicken says: December 4, 2009

Wouldn’t the rubber wear out quite quickly?

TBK says: January 21, 2013

Will never happen.

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