KOR ONE Special Edition Drinking Bottles

KOR ONE is a set of limited version water bottles that feature artistic vision through nature-inspired back which helps the water to play a part in the design by refracting light. The goal of the project was to deliver sustainable personal hydration solutions that can meet the serious waste problem of the recent era created by drinking bottles and bottle water. This totally redesigned process has created the ice blue Water Globe, orchid pink United Water of Earth, sunrise orange Unbottled Water and sawgrass green Water (R)Egret, each with different attributes that contributes with keeping a healthy planet and individual healthy condition. This Special Edition version raises money for charity ($5 per bottle) as it raises awareness of the damage caused by using bottled water.

kor one drinking bottles

kor one drinking bottles

kor one drinking bottles

kor one drinking bottles

Designer : RKS Design

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Rosslyn Cooke says: June 8, 2011

Where can I see or purchase this state of the art water bottle.
thanks a lot.

Krusty says: December 20, 2014

Where can I buy one of these bottles

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