KOR One Hydration Vessel : Cool Water Bottle Designed by RKS Design

Who does not want to drink clean water in a stylish water bottle? From the designer of mimique cell phone concept, RKS Design have come up with the KOR ONE Hydration Vessel design which is a new plastic free Bisphenol-A. It is a durable water bottle constructed to support a long product life. This amazing bottle has a special flip top and you can open it in a stylish manner and easily with your one hand. If you are a sports person then it is a must for you. Kor One is made up of BPA free Eastman Tritan that provides clean water to human health.

Designer : RSK Design for [KOR] [Buy It Here]

kor one hydration vessel

kor one hydration vessel

kor one hydration vessel

kor one hydration vessel

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paul says: June 20, 2008

Hi, Paul from KOR Water here. I have a slight correction to the above. The bottle was designed by our partner RKS, but we are the company that is manufacturing and marketing it. It will be avaialable starting Aug. 1 at http://www.korwater.com.

craig allen says: August 22, 2008

how do i purchase vessel

TheFuture says: August 23, 2008

@craig, try to contact KORWater.com

darkozo says: September 14, 2008

wow it's amazing is there any blueprints for it ??

Powderfin says: March 13, 2009

We've tested these bottles for months now, and they're great! Although not initially designed for athletics/outdoor activities, I've used mine at the gym, snowboarding, crosscountry skiing, and snowshoeing and it works perfectly. Not having to unscrew a cap is the key to it's design… which allows for one-handed operation while on a treadmill or bike. Smart product!

Nicole says: September 22, 2009

Love my Kor – the colors and the design. Like the video on how Kor was created. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkxlM5LmM_o

Lucille J. McGinn says: April 1, 2013

Korea makes the most modern looking appliances. Take this water flasks for example where it looks very appealing in terms of commercial purposes. Now I’m thirsty for that flask or container.

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