Keep Your Gadgets Inside Singulier Eastpak Sofa

Singulier Eastpak Sofa is perfect for people who love keeping a wide variety of stuff in their house. It’s a contemporary furniture collection as the result of collaboration between Eastpak and Quinze & Milan in-house creative teams, it’s more like the combination of a backpack and sofa. You can find many pockets that you can use to keep your charger, smartphones, magazines, tablet, or any other gadgets. The authentic design represents modern iconic of Quinze & Milan collection blends perfectly with classic style of Eastpak.

Made in polyurethane foam and cordura, Singulier Eastpak Sofa offers cozy and comfortable place to relax. Simply open one of the pockets to grab your gadgets.

Designer : Singulier

Singulier Eastpak Sofa

Singulier Eastpak Sofa

Singulier Eastpak Sofa

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Crawford says: July 16, 2013

I am in confuse is it a sofa of luggage carrier? If it a sofa having spaces as a bag has then it is good for us. We can use it both purpose. It is suitable for those who has a house in a congested space and have limited space for live. In such cases I think no any other sofa is best than it. The design and the color of these sofas are really nice.

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