Kanibot Surveillance Robot Can Go Anywhere With Its Spider Like Design

Kanibot is an innovative robot concept that has been designed to work as a surveillance robot with various handy functionalities. This spider like design of the robot features six mechanical legs with the ability to perform all-way movement, giving the robot the opportunity to go on almost any surfaces. The main body features a powerful camera to capture photos and videos, motion sensor to detect suspicious elements and a tiny antenna to send and receive signals and data to the base station. The glossy black and orange color combination has given the robot an appearance of professional military equipment.





Designer : Norio Fujikawa

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Stephen Russell says: March 26, 2010

Had same in Minority Report for 2004.

Seen similar on Military Channel.

Ideal for:

Search & Rescue




Sensor mobile.

Mobile mine.

Remote hacker?

Place mini mines around?

Track cars, then jump off target car?

Andrew says: April 21, 2010

I could definitely see this being implemented in the future.

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