Jaguar C-XS Concept Car With Ability To Change Its Shape and Style

The Jaguar C-XS concept car can intelligently tailor the needs of a driver by changing its shape and style in two different modes. The Saloon Mode features a higher roofline, allowing four people to seat in a comfortable manner. Alternatively, when it is in Sport Mode, the car folds the rear seats and lowers the driver’s seat to give it a sportier feel and appearance. Moreover, the interior of the car changes in this mode by rearranging the air vents, placing a large grill, changing the headlight’s shape and pushing back the roofline to make it lower. The Elastomeric Material made canopy of the car holds a frame underneath, which allows the roof to change its shape and a strong electric current flow makes it as sturdy as aluminium. Besides, the car will give the owner a sense of individuality and style depending on what the key holder is wearing. The key scans its surrounding are and accordingly changes colour into the most dominant one.

jaguar c-xs car

jaguar c-xs car

jaguar c-xs car

jaguar c-xs car

jaguar c-xs car

jaguar c-xs car

Designer : Janak Mistry

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Will Mac says: October 8, 2009

copying the Gina concept?

trimtab21 says: October 8, 2009

this is the most beautiful and forward thinking car design i have ever seen! WOW!

Ki says: October 8, 2009

forgot to add, your 3d model is nowhere near finished. why?

Wesley Baker says: October 9, 2009

The Gina may have also changed its form (and been created a few years befoe it was shown to the public) but it never had OLED headlights that change shape depending on the style of car you want it to be and the Gina didn't change colour. Ease up on the guy the Gina had a conventional everything apart from the skin.

Liam Quinn says: October 9, 2009

In my opinion this car concept is THE ugliest I have ever seen. Absolutely horrible and pointless. I don’t understand how you can be wooed by a car that resembles the idea of ‘BMW Gina’ in so many ways. OLED headlights that change shape are, in my mind, nothing amazing and changing colour? Big woopee…NOT. There is nothing special about this horrible concept and I would be happy if they didnt bring it out. In my opinion.

Dave says: October 13, 2009

It's a good thing your opinion doesn't matter.

sean says: October 21, 2009

i think this concept is by far 1 of the best i have ever seen sean.

devine ntrvntn says: November 25, 2009

Although the style ideas may not be original, i.e. the Gina concept car, most current car designs by different car companies are not original either. In the future I don’t imagine the concept of originality will fade as we live in a capitalist society and whatever the public is interested in at the moment most car companies with gravitate towards those design cues. This concept by far may not be origianal but sure is sweet hate it or love ititit,those OLED

Sean Holmes says: August 3, 2010

The car looks cute, but I hope that if this car starts to be sold in America that its sold cheap!

elsy says: October 7, 2010

this is a car that any one whom see it will fall in love WOW!! lovely car i will so but it..

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