IPSE Futuristic Individual Mobility Concept Will Let You Drive in Underwater Mode

IPSE is an advanced individual mobility concept that uses cutting-edge display technology and offers an innovative driving experience to the driver. The iconic and unique design of this concept car was driven from the VW logo which has a giant circle enfolded with a mesh frame. The virtual environment system of IPSE recognizes outside surrounding and then translates the same into virtual living things and objects. For instance, in “underwater” mode, the driver sees other vehicle as sea creatures and while it is driving through the city street, the driver never sees any buildings, cars and usual road but stunning trees and wild animals marching on the grass land. The real-time transformation mechanism has unlimited database and generates new data by combining different factors.

ipse futuristic mobile vehicle

ipse futuristic mobile vehicle

ipse futuristic mobile vehicle

ipse futuristic mobile vehicle

ipse futuristic mobile vehicle

Designer : Jeongche Yoon and Hoyoung Kihl

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stephen russell says: July 18, 2009

Way 2 Radical, I love the idea OF SynthEnvironment Driving.

Great Intro via Rental marketplace alone & Sy Fy Channel movies, or TV.Id love to experience this car BIG time, or retrofit to other models

tim says: July 25, 2009

dude way to be on f'n drugs man.. lol.. i really hope you aren't serious because according to vehicle accident statistics humans shouldn't even being driving cars let alone a car that simulates a lucid acid trip.. Talk about increasing the death rate ten fold with a concept like this.. hahahaha.. great layout and visual design skills however I'd like to see it used on something a little more practical.

Sticky says: December 4, 2009

It’s a plausible idea. The day our vehicles can recognize other objects on the road, is the day our vehicles can drive us on auto-pilot. When that day comes, passengers can entertain themselves in any way they choose, even if it is visual manipulation of the outside environment. Great imagination Jeongche!

Alvin Banks says: December 8, 2009

Really cool idea! Virtual enviorment will probably keep drivers calm. All I would need is some soothing music!

steelblue says: January 30, 2010

The idea of the future is to rid the planet of roads. So you tell me what's a good idea and i'll tell you your wrong. Its all wrong. Enticingly wrong…

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