iCar Futuristic Eco-Friendly Concept Car In The Year 2027

The concept iCar project is designed for urban use, exploring the possible future transportations in the year 2027. This futuristic car is actually designed for more environmentally conscious drivers that offer an uncommon approach of creativity and transport design. The architecture of this car is totally fresh and comprises complete carbon fiber composites, surrounding sensor scan, data driving environmental display or DED and aluminum chassis. The most noticeable thing of this car is the combination of different color lights to serve individual purposes. The headlights are located a bit lower than the conventional ones and the parking lights as well as the break lights are placed vertically. The entry and exit arrangements have been designed by popping up the roof.

icar futuristic concept car

icar futuristic concept car

icar futuristic concept car

icar futuristic concept car

icar futuristic concept car

icar futuristic concept car

Designer : John Bukasa

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stephen russell says: July 14, 2009

Way 2 Cool, Id drive this, but have to adapt Exit & Entry for bad weather, heat summer,

cold for use.

Unless your under some awning etc for entry.

Otherwise Neat

Chris Stanley says: August 11, 2009

Definitely a nice design but I'm not sure from this information just how you would drive it. It would appear that those seats have you almost horizontal. Some self-driving would be nice though…

devine ntrvntn says: November 25, 2009

Ok a concept where an outside camera displays your view on an inside screen would be a cool add-on. Otherwise this car would get me a lot of action from the opposite gender I imagine…

bierring says: January 26, 2010

one word:


Eric Wright says: April 16, 2013

Chris makes a very good point. How exactly do you drive this thing? I don’t see any clear means of steering.

Felix Vermont says: May 14, 2013

Nice concept and design. It’s sleek and aerodynamic, so there goes the solution to drag. I’m still not sure about the seating arrangement on this one, though.

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