Hug Monolith Wooden “Born to Make You Smile” Stool by Emo Design

Hug is a modern and beautiful minimalist wooden stool by Emo Design for Elite. “Born to make you smile”, that’s the catchy phrase of this stool. The design blends perfectly with the brand Elite which has always been synonymous of material research and planning philosophy influenced by exotic cultures.

Can you believe that each of these wooden stools is handcrafted and characterized by the use of irregular and worn pieces of wood? Hug wooden stool is completed with colorful rope detail, a beautiful touch to create contrast with the natural main body, this rope is very handy when you want to move this stool from room to room.

Designer : Emo Design for Elite

Hug Monolith Wooden Stool by Emo Design for Elite

Hug Monolith Wooden Stool by Emo Design for Elite

Hug Monolith Wooden Stool by Emo Design for Elite

Tuvie has received “Hug Wooden Stool” from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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