HotTug Allows You Sailing on Lake While Enjoying A Nice Hot Tub

HotTug allows you to sail while enjoying a nice wood-fired hot tub. Take your loved one with you to enjoy warm baths outdoor, it’s going to be a unique experience. Even when you don’t fill the tub with water, you can still use it as a stable boat for up to 6 people. Each HotTug can be filled up to 2000 liters of water while the heater heats water to about 8-degree/hour, just wait around 3 hours before the water is warm (100-degree F).

Emptying HotTug shouldn’t be an issue, simply use a submersible pump, you can empty the boat in about 20 minutes. Currently, there are 2 versions available, one with integrated electric motor and the other with outboard engine where you can use petrol or electric power.

Designer : Frank de Bruijn

Hot Tug Wood Fired Hot Tub

Hot Tug Wood Fired Hot Tub

Hot Tug Wood Fired Hot Tub

Hot Tug Wood Fired Hot Tub

Hot Tug Wood Fired Hot Tub

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stephen russell says: October 4, 2012

Radical, below places for sales/rentals:
Monterrey CA
Seaside CA
Newport Bch CA
Marin Cty No CA
Vic BC Canada
Kona HI
Hilo HI
Waimea HI
Seattle WA
Miami FL
Norfolk VA
Chicago IL
Reno NV ( Lake Tahoe area CA NV).

Must make for 8, 10 persons & food stowage & shade awning for use.

Vanessa says: May 20, 2013

You can't 'sail' a boat without sails!

rc says: June 26, 2013

I’m a little confused, is the company manufacturer “Radical” or “Tuvie”? Who do I look to for renting? Is the only Canadian place for rental in Victoria? Not Vancouver too? Strange. Thx for your time.

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