Horologicode LCD Watch Was Inspired by Barcodes

As you can see here, Horologicode LCD Watch was inspired by barcodes. Yep, who would have thought these stripes can inspire a watch design and the result is pretty cool too. Designed for Tokyoflash, we can say that watch boasts the characteristic of Tokyoflash watch style, futuristic. The main idea was to use barcodes not only as stylish addition but the main elements that tell the time and the wearer is the decoder. This futuristic concept watch also uses the same principle as the industry reads barcodes, even the gap contains information.

At first look, it’s not easy to read the time as the LCD screen displays several thick and thin bars with different lengths that fade away to the top. The gaps between these bars are also vary in width, bear with us, don’t give yet, we’re about to explain how to read the time from Horologicode LCD Watch.

Designer : Samuel Jerichow for [Tokyoflash]

Horologicode LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

Horologicode LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

First of all, you need to focus on the gaps, there are 13 gaps of which the first 12 gaps tell the hours and the last one is an AM/PM indicator. The thin gaps mean nothing, they only work as separator for the bars, so in order to tell the time, simply count the wide gaps or spaces.

To read the minutes, focus on the bars of Horologicode LCD Watch. Ignore the thin bars, they are only there to separate the gaps, focus on the thick bars. Simply count thick bars from left to right. It’s about the 10 minute steps so you count up until 5 (00 – 50). The remaining 9 bars on the right side of the barcode represent the second digit of the minutes that has to be counted from the right. You can easily count these bars due to clever display, notice how after two bars there’s a longer bar to mark 3 multiplications.

Every barcode looks different and is a little challenge each time you want to tell the time. But people have went through harder issues than counting up to 12 with help. The display has the technical and modern barcode look and the fact it confuses people but is actually readable makes it charming.

Wrapped in an elegant case, Horologicode LCD Watch features futuristic and stylish design. If still think reading the time from this watch is difficult, don’t worry, let’s hope the designer add “easy reading” mode that displays the number at the bottom of the bar for easy time telling.

Horologicode LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

Horologicode LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

Horologicode LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

Horologicode LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

Horologicode LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

Horologicode LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

Horologicode LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

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Sam Jerichow says: June 4, 2012

Thank you Tuvie for posting my concept!

    Intel 4004 says: June 8, 2012

    It seems to be hard to read time. Numbers are the best. You nee to design a watch that doesn't require reading a manual to know how to read time. Just saying.

Sam Jerichow says: June 9, 2012

Thank you for the comment, Intel! If the concept is not convincing in the first seconds, and if you're not willing to dive into the idea, then you have other requirements in a watch than the people I try to reach. And that is totally ok. It would be boring if everyone liked the same things. But that's the exact deal: You work yourself through the explanation, learn to read it and you get bettar and better and then you impress your buddies and everyone around you with your cool watch and your ability to read it. Numbers are the best indeed, but wearing a watch just to look at it for a second to read the time, that you forget anyway in the following seconds is overrated. You have time displays all around you and on your phone. The usage of wristwatches changes more and more. A watch should stand out as a cool designed fashion accessory or as a new, maybe challenging interpretation of time telling.

    Rik says: October 4, 2012

    I realllllllllly want it…. it hasn't been taken into production has it??… Or maybe not yet??

      Sam Jerichow says: October 4, 2012

      Not Yet Rik. I hope this can be done in the future… If this happens, I'll tell happily it on my page (click my name) Thank you for the interest Rik :)

Phil Lawton says: July 16, 2012

I want one.

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