H/M Watch : Stylish and Futuristic Watch from Humberto Jimenez

Stylish and futuristic watch from Humberto Jimenez. This cool watch consists 2 bracelet watches, first bracelet tells you the hour and the other tells you the minute. That’s why Humberto named his design as H/M Watch. It tells time in its own unique way. There’s no further information about this watch, but I would love wearing one or I should say wearing two cool watches on my wrists.

Designer : Humberto Jimenez

HM Watch

HM Watch

HM Watch

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Mark Perry says: May 17, 2010

Why not combine on one bracelet? Looks like you need a real watch to figure out how long it takes you to tell time.

Diogo da Vinha says: May 17, 2010

I liked it, combines an object of common use with a fashion, but will take a while to get used to the user from the points of minutes!

zach says: May 6, 2011

whr can i get this ?

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