Helmet Niqab by Death Spray Custom

Helmet, the life saving guard was invented for its due purpose of protecting the head from injuries. Helmets used for various purposes have different designs. While designers create different types of helmets that meets its intended purpose, helmets designed by Death Spray are quite unusual, however, meets the requirement of the users. Death Spray always tries to be innovative in design when compared to other designers and it reflects well in its new creation, Helmet Niqab. This stylish piece of work is as traditional as other helmets with a variation in its aesthetics and is designed to fit accurately. It conceals the entire head, leaving a portion open for the eyes. This model meets sinister and futuristic needs of the users. Helmet Niqab looks creepy in its appearance; however, its cutting-edge design by Death Spray is sure to hit the shelves.

Designer : Death Spray Custom

Helmet Niqab by Death Spray Custom

Helmet Niqab by Death Spray Custom

Helmet Niqab by Death Spray Custom

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The Pessimist says: February 25, 2011

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Tuvie Proudly Presents: 'Helmet Niqab' or 'Burqa of the Future!'"

carlos says: August 24, 2011

its cool

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