Heal Station for Diabetics With Color Coded Modules For Quick and Easy Operation

Heal Station for diabetics features several devices to maintain the health of people with diabetes. It’s a one stop solution for diabetic patient, the device is color coding for simple, fast and easy for better user experience. The software applications are capable of synchronizing your health information with hospital database. Each module of this system is self-contained which means, just like ink cartridges, you can charge each module as required. We really love the portability, this concept offers dependability of diabetes equipment, so simple and easy.

Designers : Cho Sang Eun and Yang Soon Young

Heal Station for Diabetics by Cho Sang Eun and Yang Soon Young

Heal Station for diabetics combines blood pressure, pulse, and blood sugar. The blood pressure module has drawer to keep a cuff which can be fitted around patient arm and engaged with a press of a button. User can slide open the top cover to the left and install a fresh lancet into the lancet port then slide the cover back into place. Insert the blood test strip into the strip port, gently hold the finger over lancet port and press the “Lancet” button to get the blood. To test the pulse, position both of your index fingers on the upper side of the module and place both thumbs on the indentions on top the station. Hold this position for about 10 seconds, and the test will be completed. The result can later be sent to healthcare provider for quick assessment.

Heal Station for Diabetics by Cho Sang Eun and Yang Soon Young

Heal Station for Diabetics by Cho Sang Eun and Yang Soon Young

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