Hanging Chair by Yuri Kim

Do you hate empty wall? Hanging chair would be a great addition to fill the empty space of the wall, especially for indoor public place such as library or museum or bus stop. This furniture is made of canvas with wall mountable holder. It can use other flexible material to replace the canvas, such as plastic, fabric, or even paper that can stand a person’s weight. People can put their stuff on it or use it as a chair while waiting for a friend or a bus. The main idea of this design was to create a chair without its 4 legs, not in solid form, to provide creativity in terms of material and structure. Hanging Chair should be a unique and interesting installation.

Designer : Yuri Kim

Hanging Chair

Hanging Chair

Hanging Chair

Hanging Chair

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suresh says: November 29, 2010

hpw much the price plz tel me….

Gabor says: December 5, 2010


Ash says: December 8, 2010

Looks pretty uncomfortable to me.

marv says: May 30, 2011

its over : )

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