Handheld Breast Pump for Busy Mommies

Working mommies are having difficulty to breast feeding their babies, they can’t bring their babies to work. Handheld breast pump designed by Miji Rhoe and Solbi Lim can help them to solve the problem. We do know that breast pumps are not something new, those products have been here for a while to help busy mommies or to avoid the hurt from babies’ teeth. Beside the beautiful design, the special thing about this breast pump concept is the 3 suction levels for mommies to choose. Interesting…

handheld breast pump

handheld breast pump

handheld breast pump

Designer : Miji Rhoe and Solbi Lim

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Furrer Etienne says: September 2, 2009


Is it possible to sell this system, and where?

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