Hand Umbrella : Hammer a Nail Without Banging Your Fingers

Hand Umbrella acts as nail holder to prevent you from banging you fingers when hammering a nail. The U-shaped product incorporates a slit lined with flexible silicone, into which nails of various sizes can be slotted. The red ring in the center indicates the position where the nail should be placed. This product has been designed for the elderly people to prevent the injury from accidentally hammered fingers. It’s a user friendly product that brings safety to the job of hammering nails.

Designer : Li Hui, Deng Zengzhu, Ma Hengyi, and Wang Yi

Hand Umbrella

Hand Umbrella

Hand Umbrella

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the pessimist says: December 23, 2010

Mission accomplished. Next time on Tuvie: " Salad Tongs That Hold Your Hammer " followed by: " Salad Tongs That Hold Your Piece of Wood ".
PS: This IS an brilliant idea.

Raccoon says: January 18, 2011

could the nail get stuck in between the umbrella and what about the wear and tear after the product is bought?
Is there any additions to add to it like a re-changeable umbrella, if it gets damaged or have it in different colours so the user will want to buy more?

Elizabeth says: October 20, 2016

Has this been created and if so, how can this be purchased???

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