Guild Fine Power Tools by Brian Jeffcock

It’s a known fact that materials wear out as they go through a series of changes during their lifespan including production, forming, finishing and wear. External forces such as impacts, scratches, heat and water are likely to change a material’s characteristics. In the past, every craftsman used power tools, which when used constantly would shape them into an exclusive object. Products made out of plastic materials would easily wear off as time progress and plastics are highly susceptible to heat and they are potential environmental hazards as well. If the lifespan of a power tool is expected to be 20 years, then it must be made using materials that age well and also improve the aesthetics of the tool. Here is where Guild comes to play. It is always better to repair power tools made out of plastic rather than replacing the entire tool itself. Guild is an answer to this industry shift. Well, guild tools are made using materials that gets better with age and wear off with the user. The tools are designed primarily to assemble and dismantle with ease during part breaks.

Designer : Brian Jeffcock

Guild Fine Power Tools

Guild Fine Power Tools

Guild Fine Power Tools

Guild Fine Power Tools

2 thoughts on “Guild Fine Power Tools by Brian Jeffcock

  1. I'm afraid you'll be shocked to find out that ARGOS retailer in the UK has beaten you to it with the name, although their tools don't look as good.

  2. I have purchased a guild 135W detail sander and cannot find any where to purchase the sandi8ng

    I have bought a Guild 135W detail sander and I cannot find anywhere to purchase the sheets for it. can you help.

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