Green_Noise Can Save A Lot Of Energy By Transforming Sound Into Electric Energy

Finally, noise was able to prove its functionality aside from bothering you and polluting the environment through Green_Noise concept, an innovative speaker system that transforms noise into electric energy. This concept has been specially designed for airports, one of the noisiest place in the earth and also a place where a lot of energy is being consumed by the most essential runway lights. These conical shaped speakers can perform in any weather by absorbing sound or expelling rainwater and produces a significant amount of electricity to lighten the runway for safe landing and taking off. The tripod shaped structure of the concept ensures easy set-up and enables technicians to change the light quickly and conveniently if need. The rounded sidebar shows important information for further use.

Designer : Jou Hung-Uei

green noise

green noise

green noise

green noise

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Stephen Russell says: June 26, 2010

Must for small exec airports aside huge ones like Dulles, Wash DC

Kyle says: September 30, 2010

Put it in a day care center, you'd be producing hundreds of megawatts LOL

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