Green Megastructure Poto Vinculum by Jorge Fontan

POTO Vinculum is a new concept designed by an expert architect Jorge Fontan for large-scale green development. It connects towers and podiums. The vertical element sits over a horizontal base, interconnected through elevated podiums that bridges from tower to tower. The bridges as well as roofs are green vertical spaces, meant for the occupants. The building primarily operates as a single unit comprising of several pieces. The literal meaning of vinculum is union or unity, which severed as an inspiration for this new concept – union of multiple buildings. Each unit is meant for different programmatic functions such as commercial, hotel, residential and office.

Designer : Jorge Fontan

Green Megastructure Vinculum

Green Megastructure Vinculum

Green Megastructure Vinculum

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Neos125 says: February 21, 2011

the future is looking great!

Tedros says: August 26, 2015

wow! this is amaizing

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