GPS Navigation in E-Paper

E-paper makes a flexible display that consumes power only when updated. The design is inspired by a regular tourist map where you get good overview, good level of detail, and quick access combined with the advantages of GPS navigation. Store your images from your digital camera on the internal drive and sync them to the GPS log. Now you can see exactly where your photos were taken. Share this information directly by using WiFi or piggyback your phone with Bluetooth.

electronic paper for gps navigation

gps navigation using e-paper

e-paper for gps navigation map

Designer : Nikita Golovlev

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Peter says: July 21, 2011

I am a long distance Canoe racer. What I want from a GPS, besides the obvious, are
(1) Waterproof
(2) robust
(3) A screen that can be read in bright sunlight
(4) Long battery life
(optional) voice commands

an epaper display really helps with (3) and (4).

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