Go Green with Style : Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers

Stylish and modern transportation Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers are inspired by the successful cruiser-line. These MPB (Multi-Purpose-Bike) units are made of aluminum that makes them extremely light weight and maneuverable. Wonder when do you need this transportation unit? Well, it can be used to transport children or heavy cargo easily, safe and relaxed.

From : Johnny Loco

Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers

Every Johnny Loco Cargo Cruiser is equipped with a Nexus-7 internal speed hub by Shimano, a steering damper, roller brakes and a canvas seat. You can easily cruise along in the city even with full load, crossing bridges, through parks or past the cars. As you turn, the rear-end of the frame tilts.

Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers

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Ray says: November 21, 2011

It's a tricycle made opposite. (=_="')

Tuvie says: November 21, 2011

@Ray : yep, and it looks pretty stylish!

Vernon Huffman says: November 26, 2011

Looks a lot like a Worksman trike to me.

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