Gluco(M) Wristband Monitors Your Blood Glucose Levels

With the widespread of diabetics among almost all range of people around, medical equipment manufacturers are introducing various products everyday. The Gluco(M) Wristband is a concept medical device that offers three major functions to diabetics: non-invasive and instant glucose reading, storing previous readings history with averages, and an extremely useful insulin chamber with loaded syringe cartridge. This innovative product is featured with ‘Reverse Iontophoresis’ technology and collects glucose samples from body fluids by using an electric current flowing throughout the sensors. The readings are shown on the back-lit LED display and different required buttons for operating this device are placed at the edge of this device.

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

Text from Eli :
The Gluco(M) is a medical concept that provides diabetics with three functions: instant and non-invasive glucose readings, history of previous readings with averages, and an insulin chamber with a loaded syringe cartridge for injections.

glucom medical wristband

Diabetics must monitor their own blood glucose levels times a day, to determine how far above or below normal their glucose is and to determine how much insulin(s) they may need. This is usually done by placing a drop of blood from a skin prick onto a glucose strip and then inserting the strip into a glucose meter, a small machine that provides a digital readout of the blood glucose level.

glucom medical wristband

The Gluco(M) uses a technology known as “reverse iontophoresis.” By using an electric current running throughout the sensors, it collects glucose samples from fluids in the body. The device is then able to read the sample and give a reading. With this technology, diabetics can keep a much closer watch on their glucose levels and avoid the problems that may occurs from having levels too high or low. The Gluco(M) enables users with the convenience of checking blood-sugar levels more frequently throughout the day, thus yielding for better control of glucose in the blood stream.

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

glucom medical wristband

Designer : Eli Hariton

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158 thoughts on “Gluco(M) Wristband Monitors Your Blood Glucose Levels

  1. Dear Sir,

    I’m a General Manager of Ultimate Medic Synergy, Malaysia.

    I’m interested on your Gluco Wristband monitor.

    • Hi,

      I have a trading company,and i would like to have informations about authorized dealer contract for this product.

      thanks for your reply

      best regards


  2. I’m the General Manager of Ultimate Medic Synergy, Malaysia.

    I’m Interested on your Gluco Wristband Monitor, and i was wondering that do you have any distributor in Malaysia? Could you please provide me more details on this product?

    Your prompt reply is very much appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    General Manager
    Ultimate Medic Synergy, Malaysia

  3. I'm interested in buying one of the wrist monitors as my daughter in-law has diabetes. Where can I get more information & where can I buy one for her please.

    Regards Susan

  4. Where could I find more info on the wristband glucose monitor? My 28 year old daughter is a brittle juvenile diabetic who is 12 weeks pregnant. Thanks Sharon

  5. are you belive that? this is not real it is just what he has in mind, there is non any device in the world that can read non invasive glucose level,
    so this product maybe can be availbla at 2020.

    we are searching 20 year for this tech all over the world and no company has solution yet.

    • There is just one product that can truly non invasively measure your BCLs. Its called UFIT and its made by a canadian company called BIOSIGN. They have only recently – sept 09 – closed a deal with a company to fund the manufacture and marketing of their product… Next up will be an ambulatory device by BIOSIGN but i expect it will be a couple of years before we see that on shelves.

  6. Hi, I'm not a company interested in buying your product just an individual i think its a good concept however i find it hard to believe that it will be coming out any time soon, i hope Im wrong because it would help a lot of people in the world making lives much easier! well if there are any advances in your product or if it does go on sale i would be very interested thank you for your time.

    • Comments probably aren't the best place to set forth a business proposal. my advice would be to contact them directly. if you are unable to do so then information upon sale of the product will be given out. there is a reason business proposals and future merchandise are not distributed to resellers, as well as these resellers aren't named due to the fact that plans change. resellers, prices, and business proposals are bottom line until the product is ready for market. then those aspects come in to the distribution of the product as well as resell.

  7. I look at your monitor and really like the idea of not having to prick my finger every day. Only do you carry monitor wristbands that you don't have the syringe and insulin in. I am a pill taker and it would love to get one minus the syringe and insulin holder. Where can they be purchase and at in the El Paso, Texas area and can you use it without being an insulin user? Please response have been look for a none painful diebetic monitor for over 30yrs

  8. would you please sent me more information on this product.i am interested in buying this product and also include delivery cost i am from zimbabwe,africa

  9. i would really like to buy this for me and my mum. please send us some more information so I can run it by our Doctors? we both have diabetes and are both afraid of needles. this would suit our purpose and our lifestyles perfectly!

  10. im a type one diabetic since juvenile im now 26… and im so fed up of my insulin pump and monitoring my blood sugar… 24/7

    this watch seems cool… but i still have to take shots or administer insulin and carry "50 cartridge needles" and at the rate of insulin i go… refilling that puppy would be on hourly basis…

    i like the color… green… hope for life…

    • So your saying that you have to take injections more often then normal? 50 cartridge needles should do you more then a week. depending on your circumstances such as weight, diet, exercise, and stress. from what i'm gathering and i'm EFR certified, you need to keep better track of not only your glucose levels but what you eat. Certain foods bring up your glucose a lot further than others and same as some foods will not bring it up enough. keeping a regular account of what your recent readings have been can help your doctor have a better incite as to what advice or plan they can set in place to keep your levels in the green and preserve insulin supplies accordingly.

  11. Excellent innovation idea! I want to collect the Gluco(M) Wristband for my parents diabetics solution but want to know more about the product as is it possible to make such kind product. Thanks a lot!

  12. Excellent innovation idea! I want to collect the Gluco(M) Wristband for my parents diabetics solution but want to know more about the product as is it possible to make such kind product. Thanks a lot!

  13. Helo, interst me this cllock "Diabetes Watches glucom-wristband-monitors-your-blood-glucose-levels (Glucosemonitoring)",
    and I want to buy it how much does a piece.
    please help me Thank you and an accurate ordering address.

  14. Low blood glucose can come on really quickly when you’re exercising. Be on the lookout for disorientation or confusion, shakiness, or a sudden change in mood, and have them check their glucose level. Also, very high blood glucose can get worse if you exercise with it. If their glucose is over 300, exercise will make it worse.

  15. Are these for sale, or still in the future? If they are being sold I would appreciate ordering information. Thanks!

  16. Hi
    i’ve been told that there’s a kind of wristband meter which reads our BP,
    HR,blood glucose,cholesterol levels,condition of the heart etc something like that
    its a kind of wristband where u wear it 24/7 and its also water proof
    i’ve been searching the web and can’t find anything like that
    the closest thing i found is HRM,blood glucose meter and BP meter for wristband and they are all in separate.
    i need the all-in-one type
    have anyone over here heard of it before?

  17. Hello, I am interested and believe in your product and I am interested in helping you sell your Glucom wristband Monitors to the masses. When I was pregnant with my son in 2011, I had the pregnant diabetes, so I knew first hand how it can change your life. Like I said I believe whole heartedly in your and I would like to help millions of people in America and around the world. I am very teachable and I would like you to send me everything there is to know about your product and diabetes, if you want you can send me literature at: 899 Culver Road, Apt. 302 Rochester, NY 14609. You can also reach me at my cell# at 585-802-4095, I can be reached at anytime. Thank you and may God richly bless you and your family, I look forward to hearing from you soon. P.S. you can also email me the. information.

  18. Did any of you who actually comented on this bracelet get it? Has this bracelet actually been developed or is this just the designs? Would really like to now, as well as others looks like.

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